Layering for the spring | self-isolation outfit

Welcome to the first episode of Self-Isolation Outfits where I showcase what I have been wearing around the house on my own.

Being in self-isolation is very weird and in order to help my mental health, I’ve been trying to treat life as normal and keep myself busy so that I don’t sink into a Netflix wormhole and not get out of my pyjamas all day. This includes getting dressed in a nice outfit everyday and sometimes wearing make up to boost my self esteem. This may make me sound very sad but it’s helping me to stay positive.

Spring is my favourite season. The sun is out, the flowers are in full bloom and it’s not that warm so I don’t need to worry about plastering myself in suncream. This means that some layers are still required when venturing outside, which is not what anyone has been doing at the moment…

So when we are allowed back out into the real world and I can socialise once again, this is definitely gonna be an outfit that I’m going to wearing all the time! If you follow me on Instagram (cheeky self promo) then you will see that I have worn this outfit a lot and I also wore it to Paris and actually got complimented on it, not to big myself up or anything.

Of course, in true Indi fashion, this outfit is secondhand and sustainable! On social media and on here, I try my best to convince you all to shop secondhand because you can get some really cute pieces for affordable prices.

This top and dress are actually both from Primark originally. I got the top in a Marie Curie charity shop for 99p and this dress from an Oxfam charity shop for Β£2.99. I don’t normally buy Primark clothing secondhand because I find the quality is honestly awful, like this dress for example feels very synthetic because it’s made from a cheap fabric. However I have been looking for a dress like this for ages and ages and I also love the print so I had to pick it up.

The slip dress is a classic silhouette that I have seen around for a while now, so I am late to party for this trend. The perfect thing about it the amount of ways that you can style it. This dress is a size 12 so it’s a little big for me which is why the belt works perfectly and makes me look less like I’m wearing a tent, and gives me a waist. This would work still work great in the summer.

But for those slightly colder days, putting a turtle neck on underneath can look very chic in my opinion. I love turtle necks and I wear this one literally all the time. I literally own about 8 tops, all different colours but all the same style. I even wrote about my love of them HERE. I think this colour combination works so well, they contrast each other very nicely.

This belt is actually brand new (shock horror). With it recently being my birthday, I thought I would splash out on some new clothes from Lucy and Yak who are my favourite slow fashion brand (you can read my post about them HERE). This belt was in the sale for Β£7 and what I love about it, is that it’s a high waisted belt which suits me perfectly as all my trousers are high waisted. It’s a faux leather as well for all my vegan friends out there.

As well as layering my clothing, I love to layer necklaces! Not only does this look nice, it means that I get a chance to wear more of my extensive collection of necklaces. Otherwise some of them would just not get worn. The Pisces necklace is from Primark, and the crystal necklace is from a crystal shop and I believe it’s a hemitite one. You may be able to peep my earrings which are planets that I got off eBay, there’s some great jewellery on there!

The hat is purely for the photos because obviously I did not walk around my house with this on… this is from Depop and I love the colour and the baker boy style. Some may think it’s look funny but I love it and it’s works well with the dress as well.

You may notice there’s no shoes because who needs to wear shoes when they’re only walking the lounge and the kitchen? I would wear my black Dr Martens with this, or maybe a pair of converse style shoes. If I could walk around successfully in heels then I think they would work really well as well!

I would love to know if you guys also layer up for the spring with summer dresses or if you’re still in hats and scarves.

What does your self-isolation outfit look like today? Shall I turn this into a Self-isolation outfit series?

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