Recreating outfits from Friends

I think it’s fair to say that no one told us life was gonna be this way *clap clap clap clap*

As we enter week 2 of self-isolation, I am still determined to keep my productivity levels high and one way to do that is to not spend the whole day in my pyjamas, no matter how tempting it may be (I spoke about this in a previous outfit post HERE). I thought it would be a laugh to recreate Friends outfits for a few days because why not? I see people do this all over Instagram and I have watched all the episodes at least 6 times, so one could say that I am a fan!

Now I don’t have to exact pieces that they wear so I have had to make to with what I had… 90s fashion though, is absolutely iconic and so must better than a lot of 2000s fashion. Fashion nowadays is a bit of everything, I love looking back at TV shows that have such a distinct style.

Rachel green

The fashion icon of the show. I honestly would love her wardrobe from the show, she had so many cute pieces aside from any low rise jeans because they are not cool. Her style is definitely professional and quite girly in the show.

I would never have put this outfit together because I don’t tend to wear a lot of black, unlike Rachel, because my wardrobe is a rainbow. However I absolutely LOVE this! And even though I am wearing my work shoes, I think that they work really well.

Rachel wears a lot of tartan throughout, clearly it was a big trend in the 90s, I would have happily recreated them all but unfortunately I only own 1 pair of tartan trousers. Maybe this is the sign that I need to get more?

Top – Charity shop (brand unknown)
Trousers – Charity shop (originally New Look)
Shoes – New Look

So this is not an exact replica, but I tried. Looking back, she has so many outfits compromising of a tartan skirt and matching top so grab one of each and there you have a great 90s outfit! Her iconic one of the red tartan skirt with the white turtle neck jumper and knee socks is my favourite and really makes we want to get a cute red skirt.

Now this is not an outfit that I would normally wear but if I had something professional to go to like an interview or something then this would be ideal. It’s not an ideal outfit for doing stuff around the house as it’s not quite as comfy but is cute nonetheless.

Top – Topshop
Skirt – Charity shop (originally New Look)
Shoes – New Look

chandler bing

I couldn’t find the exact picture of reference but here is one of my favourite fashion accounts @mathilda.mai who frequently recreates Friends outfits.

Chandler is probably the easiest person to replicate because he pretty much wears the same things throughout the whole series. Typically a tartan shirt and some jeans or maybe a sweater vest and some trousers.

My attempt at replicating is much more girlier because I only have upcycled cropped tartan shirts so I’m thinking I need to get myself another baggy mens one. I showed this upcycled creation back in THIS post!

I also don’t have any 90s style shoes like converse or some normal trainers not these platform style ones so I’ve had to make do. I do love this outfit and can definitely see myself wearing it again in the summer.

Top – Topshop
Shirt – Charity shop (originally M&S)
Trousers – Levi 501s (that I borrowed from my Mum…)
Shoes – Nastygal

ross geller

Throughout the whole series, many red jumpers are featured in outfits so this could either be Ross or Monica, and of course there was that famous episode with THE red jumper and Rachels baby. Only true fans will know that episode.

Okay so my jumper is not red… it’s actually more of a burnt orange but we can pretend… I have also gone for the same trousers and shoes because Levis are classically famous in the 90s. I could pretend these are mine but in reality they’re my Mums from over 25 years ago, but I love them so much so sometimes like to wear them. The fact that they’re that old and still in great condition, just a couple of rips in the knees, shows how good quality they are and how they’re worth every penny!

Top – Charity shop (originally H&M)

monica geller

When I endlessly scrolling through Pinterest looking at the most iconic Friends outfits, this was one of the top ones that kept coming up, I guess it’s an easy one to replicate. All you need is a vest and some jeans and you’re all good to go!

I think this is probably the only fully accurate replicated outfit out of all of these…. You may remember this outfit from the throwback episode when Monica first met Joey as he was moving into the opposite flat.

Also, yes, I am wearing the same jeans and shoes once again.

Vest – Secondhand (originally Topshop)

I know this one is definitely not accurate in terms of the colour but the style is very similar. I always pair dresses like this with a long sleeved top underneath (I did a whole post about layering HERE) but I never thought to pair it with a short sleeve top, and I actually love it! I would normally opt for a belt not a cardigan round the waist but the 90s were full of cardigans, I’m trying new things!

If I switched out the cardigan to a belt then I would definitely wear this all the time.

I actually love Monica’s style because it’s quite casual, unlike Rachel’s and Phoebe’s. You may have noticed that I didn’t include any Phoebe outfits simply because I don’t have anything remotely similar to a lot of her stuff. I love her style as well, because it’s so different but it’s also not very me.

Not gonna lie it was actually quite fun trying new fashion styles out and wearing outfits that I normally wouldn’t think to put together. I will definitely be doing this for other TV shows if you have any recommendations then let me know! It made me want to buy so many more tartan pieces for my wardrobe, I just love 90s fashion!

Which of these is your favourite one?


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