Sustainable shower products

For the past year I have been making a conscious effort to live more sustainably and to talk about it as much as I can in the hopes that I can persuade others to do the same.

It all came about after a project I did for college about the effects of fast fashion on the environment, which lead to me reading a tonne of books all about the climate change in order to learn as much as I can. I did a reading list (which you can read HERE) about all of these books if you are looking for some new sustainability books to read!

The truth is really shocking, the effect that plastic has on the environment is horrendous, so I have been trying my best to purchase products that are plastic free and documenting them on here. Here’s the list of all of them if you are interested in knowing more:

Plastic free make up remover
Plastic free shampoo and conditioner
Plastic free period products
Plastic free deodorant

Now todays products are all ones to be used in your shower routine, or bath if that’s what you prefer. I haven’t called it plastic free because some do have plastic packaging unfortunately. It’s really hard for some products to get them without plastic which is why I try my best to find products made from recycled plastic. It’s a better alternative because it’s not made from new resources, which we only have so many of so don’t want to use them all up, and it’s using up some of the plastic already in the system. It’s really not perfect but it’s better. Ideally I would use everything package free, but it’s not possible in some cases.

Shower Gel

If you are still using bottled shower gel then you seriously need to stop using that because there are SO many more sustainable alternatives out there that you should be using!

Firstly is the most obvious choice, a bar of soap. It does exactly the same job as shower gel and can easily be bought with not plastic packaging. This one is from the Body Shop and is wrapped in paper, you can get loads from Lush as well which are wrapped in paper. I do find those ones a little bit expensive in my opinion. If that’s still not in you price range then many drug stores sell bars of soap in cardboard so I’d recommend getting one of those.

I get that they’re not as cheap as Poundland bottles but think of the environment!

They’re also great if you travel because they take up less space and you can put them in your hand luggage if you need. I usually find that they last longer than bottles anyway, which is perfect if you are doing a longer trip.

Now this is an interesting alternative that I hadn’t heard about until I got it as a lovely Christmas present. As far as I am aware, they are only sold in Lush and they are shower jellies.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s literally shower gel in jelly form! It’s very amusing! Yes it is quite expensive in comparison to a bar of soap, but they are amazing and they last SO long. I’ve been using this for about 3 months now and it’s still over 3/4 full. This would also be perfect for travelling.

This is better than any shower gel I have used because the smell actually lingers on your skin after you get out of the shower which I have never found with any other product.

You may notice that this unfortunately in a plastic container, however it is made from recycled plastic which they clearly label on the tub. You can also return all the containers back to Lush and you get a free face mask if you return 5 tubs.

Shampoo and Conditioner

I have already done a whole post about these products which you can read if you click the link above!

I wanted to mention them again because I think they’re really great. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about them but I think that really depends on getting the right one for you hair type so your best plan is to go into the Lush store and talk through them with the people there. My last ones which I featured in that post actually lasted me a year, so the value for money is amazing!

I have been using these new ones for about 2/3 months now and I absolutely love the shampoo (the blue one). I however am not loving the conditioner (the white one) as much, the bar itself is very soft so I reckon it’ll only last me a few more months because it’s getting smaller a lot faster than the last one I got. I have no idea why, I guess they’re all made of different ingredients, but I just find it so hard to use because it’s so soft. I think when it runs out I may actually try and bottle of Lush conditioner but keep the bar of shampoo.

Again, like everything I will be saying in this post, they’re great for travelling because they’re small and light and last very long!


excuse my purple hands, it’s fabric dye…

I have been using plastic razors for longer than I care to admit. I don’t even know why because they are awful, break very easily and are made to be thrown away after a few uses so are extremely bad for the environment.

So I decided to invest in a more sustainable option, and headed over to Friction Free Shaving which offer a subscription service of razors. So you pay for the handle and blades and then every month or two months they send out more blades because you’re supposed to frequently change them. It is a more expensive way of doing it but think of the environment! You may not even need to change the blades that often, depending on how often you use it.

Also the handle is metal, and the plastic that is around the blades is made from recycled plastic! They also have a recycling system where you can send back the used blades for them to recycle properly, so it’s a great company to try out in my opinion. There are obviously other metal razor companies out there, these guys are just the ones that seemed the best in my opinion and the most affordable.

It’s time to throw away those crappy plastic razors and invest in something better!

Face Mask

Yes this is an odd one to include in a shower product list but I like to put on one before I have a shower or just after! Don’t judge.

I just wanted to share this one that I have been using from The Body Shop that I have been loving, and with everything going on in the world, it’s important to remember self-care so put on a face mask and relax!

Now I know that the Body Shop is controversial in terms of sustainability because they preach about having cruelty free products, however they are owned by L’Oreal who do test on animals. Now I continue to buy from them because they are so much better than so many other beauty brands out there. Normally if I can’t find something in Lush, then I will usually pick it up in here.

Yes this packaging is made from plastic and unfortunately I can’t find any evidence that this is recycled plastic but I know that a lot of their packaging contains recycled plastic and they are trying to increase this percentage every year. They’re not perfect but I am glad to see them making an effort.

If you have their rewards card, they give you a Β£5 voucher on you birthday which why I got this one. If you’re looking for face masks then I would recommend this or Lush do some fab ones as well!

Body Lotion

Finally is my post shower product! My skincare routine is pretty much non-existent because I don’t really like using things on my skin because I don’t think it’s all that necessary, I will probably change my mind in the future. But I see all these people using like 10 products on their face every morning and I don’t really see the point, there’s nothing wrong with spots or imperfections in my opinion.

Anyway this is pretty much the only thing I use on my face and body if my skin is particularly dry or after I have washed off of my make up. These pots are great as they’re only Β£1 and they last quite a while, and as I keep saying, they’re great for travelling!

I hope that this has been useful and encouraged you guys to try something more sustainable!

What are your go to shower (or bath) products?


6 thoughts on “Sustainable shower products

  1. We started buying soap instead of shower gel a few months ago to reduce our plastic use. I thought I would miss all of the amazing-smelling shower gels we used before, but I really don’t! As you said, soap is easier to travel with, and the cardboard packaging is easy to recycle, plus we can get beautifully-scented soap in our local dollar store! πŸ™‚

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  2. fantastic to hear as someone who is about to open my own business selling, handmade soaps and bodywash etc. on hold because of corona ofcourse, I think the planet is waking up to the effects of so much plastic! but its long overdue, my products do not use plastic as coverings at all. Hopefully you check it out when I launch, I will send you some free goodies in return for a review! for just now I am blogging until the lockdown is lifted xx

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