What I’d wear if I wasn’t at home

So my plan of dressing in normal clothes everyday has completely failed… as has my plan of being productive…

It’s week 4 of isolation. Over 1 month of not working. I’ve slightly given up. I spent the first few weeks being super productive, exercising loads and now I just really can’t be bothered to do anything. I watch wayyyyyy too many films and end up in my sweats every day and I’m okay with that because it’s okay to not be productive. Its gonna be a long few months.

I honestly stole this post idea from an Emma Chamberlain video, so full credits to her for this idea. I actually got dressed for the last few days in proper going out outfits and I am proud of myself! I thought I’d put some outfits together that I would wear out somewhere if I could, and I shall definitely be wearing them when we are all set free in probably over a months time. Enjoy!

This is honestly I think the best outfit I have worn all year! It screams 80s and I freaking love it!

I bought these trousers on my birthday (which is when everything went downhill) so they are yet to see the outside world but are making their blog debut. They’re from my fave ethical brand Lucy and Yak (I did a whole post about them HERE), and I love how they’re super high waisted and have a wide leg fit. They’re cropped so would go perfectly with some Dr Martens! The belt is also from the same brand and I really like how the brown contrasts the blue/pink/purple in this outfit.

I have paired them with this incredibly tacky mens shirt which I will be wearing all summer because it’s kinda hideous but it’s just so me. The colour goes so well with these trousers!

I have lastly paired it with my gorgeous leather jacket which I have featured many times on here in so many outfit posts! You can read one HERE. The colours are just so 80s and go so well together. I can’t wait to do a whole 80s make up look to go with this.

This one is bit more toned down than the last one in terms of the colour but I am loving this print clash. This top is another new purchase that I got back in the winter (secondhand but originally Forever 21) and have waiting for the weather to warm up so that I can wear it!

I think the colour of it goes so well with my classic stripy trousers that I have also featured in so many outfit posts on the blog, like this one HERE. Fun fact, the zip actually broke on these and I couldn’t bear to throw them so I truly tested my sewing skills by putting a new one in, so hopefully they can last a few more years!

As you can tell I do love high waisted trousers, low waisted 2000s trousers actually give me nightmares they’re not a good look. High waisted stuff is just so much more flattering in my opinion.

I have paired this with the leather jacket again because I think the pop of colour goes very well but if I want something more casual then I would definitely just pop on a classic denim jacket which you can never go wrong with.

I’ve mixed it up and gone with a skirt look in the hopes that we have a nice warm summer again so that I can get nice and sunburnt. Again, this secondhand skirt has been featured SO many times because I wear it all the time. I love the colour and the style of it! HERE’S one of those outfit posts!

This top is actually a new creation. So it was off of a jumpsuit that got damaged beyond repair so I had to cut off the trouser part and I thought I would jazz up the top a bit by adding a frill (or peplum, whatever you call it) to the bottom and I actually love it. It’s something a bit different! I think it works well with this silhouette and makes the whole outfit less bodycon.

Overall the colours remind me of an autumnal look, but shove on some tights and it can be worn all year round!

I have paired it with my lovely denim jacket which I also feature all the time, like in THIS post, it’s my go to jacket in the summer and actually belonged to my Dad back in the 80s. Clothing back then was just such better quality, in my opinion. This makes me wish it was summer SO bad.

Now if I was wearing this outfit then you definitely wouldn’t miss me in a crowd of people…

Once again I am wearing a piece from Lucy and Yak, which they don’t actually stock anymore unfortunately. They do loads of boilersuits but not in this colour anymore. I love anything yellow so when I saw this I just had to buy it and it definitely does get a few stares when I’m out but at this point I’m used to it.

I have just paired it with a neon bandeau from Primark, it goes great with turtle necks in the winter and vest tops in the summer, or even just tied around the waist on really warm days.

I even did a pastel pink make up look when I wore this over Easter weekend and it made me realise that I looked like a packet of mini eggs….

Lastly, the pearl necklace I actually made from some beads I had lying around, cheap and easy.

How’s isolation going for you guys? Rocking the sweats or dressing up nicely?


Check out some of my recent posts! I am currently created an exciting series of posts so keep you eyes peeled for that!

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