how to make a scrunchie

I don’t think that you can ever have too many scrunchies. I now have 12… and I can guarantee that’s gonna keep growing. I have one for every single occasion: a glitter one which I wear around Christmas, a Disney one for if I’m in a Disney mood, a black velvet one for a more formal occasion, a couple of neon floral ones perfect for the summer, 3 yellow ones because I absolutely love yellow, a tie dye one which would be great for a festival (just not this year) and there’s still more. I need help.

Once popular back in the 80s, they still remain popular today.

So today I thought I’d share a tutorial of how to make one for if you are stuck at home bored (aren’t we all) and want something to do. It’s super duper easy, you don’t even need a sewing machine you can just hand sew them!

And it turns out that I’m not the only one who’s been doing this, I’ve seen loads of people on Instagram using their DIY skills.

If you’re hand sewing then I would recommend using something like embroidery thread because it’s stronger than cotton thread.

You can use literally any fabric, it works with pretty much anything, I’ve gone for a thin shirt fabric.

The exact measurement of my elastic was 22.5 cm but it totally is dependent on you. I would recommend measuring it on your wrist just because you probably typically wear them on your wrist so you don’t want it to be too tight or too lose. By cutting just larger than your wrist means that you’ve got enough to tie it into a knot later.

The thickness of the elastic is also up to you. I’d recommend a thinner elastic than this if you’ve got quite thin hair, but the thicker your hair then the thicker the elastic will need to be to hold and stay in your hair. You can always buy some thick stuff and then cut it in half length ways which is what I have done here.

My fabric measured 68cm by 8.5 cm but again it is up to you. If you want a larger scrunchie then I would increase the width by a few cm, and you can adjust the length depending on how gathered you want the fabric to be.

What I love about this is how you can really adjust it to what you want where as you can’t get that in the shops!

So to do this all you need to do is fold over the fabric and sew a line. Make sure you fold the fabric inwards so that the print is on the outside, unless your fabric is the same on both sides then don’t worry!

By doing this you are basically creating a tube of fabric, and placing the outside of the fabric together when you sew means you get a nice clean edge and you can’t see the stitching. You can do this by either hand or by machine, it’s probably better to do it by machine because then it’s less likely to come apart after some time, but I was feeling lazy. If your hand sewing is good enough then it won’t come apart.

Basically the reason you wanna do this is to make it easier to thread the elastic through the fabric, otherwise it makes it super difficult. Make sure you don’t lose the other end of the elastic when you thread it through, what you can do it just hold onto the other end or even safety pin it to the fabric if you need.

I would even triple knot it because you really don’t want it to come undone as it’s a pain to unstitch everything to tie it back up.

The amount of times I have bought scrunchies from high street shops that have awful elastic in that snaps so I have had to replace it with new stuff. This is exactly why it’s better to just make your own!

Lastly you need to sew it together. To do this you need to place the end of the fabric that we didn’t hem just inside the fabric that we did hem. Then just sew a line of stitching over the top. I really hope that it makes sense, it’s kinda hard to describe. By hemming the edge first it basically just means that it looks a lot neater.

You may also have noticed that I used yellow thread on blue fabric and that it purely because I was too lazy to try and find another colour, it also meant that you could see it for the purpose of this tutorial. I would recommend using a thread that matches your fabric just so that it looks a bit neater.

Et voila! You now have one cute looking scrunchie! It took me about 20 minutes to make each one, it’s super easy!

And here is me now posing with all 3 of my creations. I absolutely love the tie dye one because I made it quite large so that I can wear when my hair is a bun and it looks cute on my wrist!

Yes I look like a child with my hair like this but it means that I can show off 2 scrunchies at once… just need to work out if there’s any way I can show off even more at once…

If any of you decide to try this out then let me know because I’d love to know! I’ll probably end up posting more random tutorials for things because I have nothing else to do and won’t be returning to work for a while so need something to pass the time.

Do you love to rock a scrunchie?


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