different ways to style the 90s slip dress

Do you ever get bored and decide to sew a dress out of an old curtain that you dyed?

Because same.

Fun fact, I had an old curtiain lying around (I mean, who doesn’t?) and realised the lining of it could be used to make some garments. So I picked up my supplies (before lockdown) and got cracking. I made a skater style dress first but it didn’t look great on my so scrapped that and made this instead. This style dress is so easy to make, because it doesn’t require shaping it to fit the body as it’s an a-line shape.

Now it’s definitely not as good as anything Kate Moss wore back in the 90s and you wouldn’t see me strutting down the Calvin Klein catwalk in it because I ain’t no model and the sewing skills on this are definitely not at a professional level…. but I love this!

Firstly the colour is gorgeous, it’s not a colour that you often see on clothing which is why I wanted to dye the fabric this violet colour. Secondly it fits me pretty well! I must admit when I make clothing it almost never fits because I suck as making things fit but I can no longer say that because this actually fits. I didn’t need to use any fastenings, I can easily pull it over my head and it’s short but not that short that I’d be worried about flashing everyone…

I thought instead of just showing the dress, I would show different ways that you could style it! Slip dresses are SO versatile, they can be worn in so many different ways and with so many items of clothing and in every season which is what I am here to show.

I actually styled another slip dress in THIS post, that was more of a midi one, so as you can tell I am definitely a fan of them. I love 90s fashion, especially grunge fashion which some of these looks would fall under if they weren’t so colourful… grunge tends to be much more monochrome than this…

to belt or not to belt?

I am a sucker for a belt. In fact I wrote a whole post a couple of years ago (which you can read HERE) about how much I love them.

This style of dress definitely works with and without one but I tend to opt for one. I have a curvier figure so I love things that sit on my waist because it accentuates that. If you’ve got it, flaunt it is what I like to say.

To keep in with the grunge vibe of the 90s I have paired it with my trusty green Dr Martens and some layered jewellery, obviously including a choker. Now this would look great with some fishnets or some black knee high socks, instead I went for some cute stripy ones.

This belt is from Lucy and Yak if you were wondering.

layering it up

I think this is my new favourite outfit of all time! Now I have quite the collection of turtle necks and I decided on the brightest one of the bunch to wear under this. This sort of layering is something you see a lot in the colder months but usually with darker colours… this would work so well with a teal turtle neck but I like to stand out so it had to be yellow!

I just love this colour combination so much and I think it looks so cute with the Docs, I’m hoping if we have some colder days this summer then I can wear this.

Turtle necks are also so versatile, you can literally wear them underneath everything. This yellow one is from H&M.

for when it gets cold

This may not be a common combination but I think it actually looks really nice! You definitely couldn’t get away with wearing a thick jumper underneath a bodycon dress but it works so well with the slip dress because of their shape and how they don’t tend to hug the body.

I think without the belt it makes me look a little large… but the belt perfectly masks all that! I think this could look super cute with a patterned jumper, like something you would see on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air but I went for my Disney jumper which is why you can just see Mickey’s ears poking out the top. This jumper was my Dad’s that he bought in Disneyland many many years ago.

This would look so cute in the winter with some thick tights and obviously some Dr Martens because that’s pretty much all they wore in the 90s.

the classic denim jacket

Okay now this outfit screams ‘grunge’! Denim jackets just complete every outfit and are perfect for the summer, this is definitely a look I will be rocking for the next few months.

If you wanna go even more grunge then you gotta cover that jacket in pins and badges or…. I can picture someone wearing a leather biker jacket over a slip dress, that would look quite punk but it would be amazing. Now I need a black cropped leather jacket.

If you are wondering wear this jacket is from then you must be new around here because I wear it ALL the time on here. It was my Dad’s from the 80s but for today’s purposes we’ll pretend it’s from the 90s.

Dressing smart

Again this is another combination that you may not see a lot but I think it works so well and I think that’s because the blazer is oversized so is nearly the same length as the dress itself. I have definitely seen a comeback of blazers in the last few years which makes me happy because they truly complete any outfit and can make something so casual actually look quite smart. Now I wouldn’t wear this outfit to a job interview or anything but it looks a little more put together.

Charity shops are perfect for finding the perfect blazer, I actually got this for 99p in a Mind charity shop, and my tip is to go for something a size or 2 up. As someone who loves the 80s and the classic power suit, anything with shoulder pads in, is just amazing to me and I must have it. It’s definitely not everyone’s taste…

Charity shops are also great for finding slip dresses because they were definitely in the high street stores a few years ago which means they’ll be finding their way into the stores now and in the next couple of years I would say. You could always upcycle one as well, if you find an amazing design but it’s too long, then just cut it shorter or if it’s too big then throw on a belt or just sew in the side seams so it fits better!

Has this inspired you to start a 90s fashion Pinterest board? Which of these looks is your favourite?


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