I got bored and painted my jacket

Here we are with yet another instalment of clothing that I have painted out of pure boredom!

It has gotten to the point where I have nearly run out of clothing to paint and upcycle so my Mum actually ended up giving me this old jacket of hers to transform into something new! Cheers Mum!

If you have seen my previous upcycling projects such as my funky painted dungarees (which you can see HERE) then you will know that I tend to go for an 80s inspired print to showcase my love of the decade. However with this I wanted to challenge myself to do something a little bit different from my typical style.

I literally spent hours on Pinterest, creating so many new boards and endlessly scrolling through pins for inspiration. I never just paint directly onto something, I always sketch out ideas beforehand. I had so many ideas for this project that I ended up consulting Instagram for help. I did so many polls and ended up with this design basically!

When in doubt just ask other people to make important decisions for you.

I love the line faces and have seen so many people do this design onto jeans and denim jackets, which is why I wanted to do something that would make it more unique and more me. I also love the cloud print which was my other idea to put onto the back, so basically I just combined the two designs.

I seem to always do an orange and pink and red colour palette because they’re colours that pretty much go with everything. I very rarely use green in any of my work actually, it’s a great colour, it’s just not something I chose to wear. So I tried a lot of new things with this jacket and I think it paid off!

It took forever though.

I had a lot of issues such the the paint bleeding on the back rectangle. I used masking tape to create a canvas but I must have made the paint too runny or something because it looked a mess so I had to keep making the rectangle bigger to cover up the mistakes. You can still see where the paint bled a bit, but nothing’s perfect.

Because the jacket is a simple beige colour it pretty much means that this would work with basically anything I think. I decided to pair it with a matching orange vest top from Primark and some contrasting blue trousers from Lucy and Yak. As you can tell I love very toned down muted colours…

I decided to do a coordinating make up look because I never leave the house so any opportunity to do make up is a good one. I genuinely miss getting ready and doing my make up every morning! Anyway I love this look, the colour combination works so well. These earrings are also from Lovisa, but face earrings are so easy to find nowadays. Lastly, my 2 necklaces are from eBay.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, just throwing some paint at some clothing is such an easy way to make something totally unique and bold! It’s cheap as well! Some people may think it looks a little crazy and over the top but that just sums me up.

Is this something you would wear or do you prefer something a bit more toned down?


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