2020 so far… | 6 month bullet journal review

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if there’s something weird going on in the universe… but time is going by so fast!

We’re already half way through 2020! This has definitely been the weirdest year of my life so far and if I’m honest it has not been one of the best. I think a lot of people will agree that it has been very surreal.

I think this whole coronavirus situation has been a learning experience for us all and it’s something we’re gonna have to live with for quite a while, our current situation has become a new normal. If I’m honest I have wasted a lot of the last 3 months in lockdown. I’ve done quite a lot but I definitely feel like I could have used my time more wisely instead of sitting around watching Netflix, but living on my own has taken it’s toll on me mentally and physically. But now that we can get out and see people, I feel myself returning back to normal.

I decided to do a little 6 month review in my bullet journal in order to set myself up for a better and much more productive 6 months, and thought I would share to help some of you out who may be feeling like you need a bit of a reset.

My bullet journal has been a bit of a life saver and has made me feel a lot more in control of my life, it’s amazing what a to-do list can do to you mentally! I did a load of pages at the start to track various things but have found myself not really using them (I had a travel one but obviously have had to cancel all my trips 😦 ) so I have adapted them to make sure I use them up until December.

I always make goals pages, they make me feel like I’m actually acheiving things! I’ve actually completed a few of the ones that I had made in January, such as doing a half marathon, so I thought I would make some updated ones to put on the right hand side of this page. I am actually starting university in September which is very exciting and scary so I can put some academic ones down.

One of them was to go to New York because it has been my dream for years, and I had my whole trip planned and mostly paid for but unfortunately I had to cancel the whole thing so I will have to put that down for next years goal.

I have also put on the left hand side, a review page. While I say I have not done a lot this year I actually have done more than I am giving myself credit for so I thought I would use this page to document my achievements as motivation to get me through the next 6 months! I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself to do a lot, but this time in lockdown has given me a chance to work on that and stop doing it basically.

I LOVE doing book spreads in my bullet journals because they’re so fun to do! I love this layout of drawing them as if it was a bookshelf and I colour coordinate them to match the theme of the month, because I absolutely have to coordinate everything in my life…

As you can see I have read a lot this year because I have so much free time now that sometimes I get through a whole book in a day! It’s been useful because I’m moving out in a couple of months so am working on minimising my stuff so I can finally donate most of these books now I have read them. I’ve been doing a lot of book related posts, so you can read my travel book recommendations HERE and women empowerment book recommendations HERE.

Another spread recommendation I have is a movie list. It’s basically a list of movies that you want to watch throughout the year. I have done these before but have found that I don’t use them so it was a bit of a waste of pages, but I would recommend it to any movie fanatics out there.

Things I have learnt about being 20… bills suck. I pretty much only pay for my phone, apple music and my Disney+ subscription (it’s definitely worth the Β£5.99 a month) every month which isn’t a lot but now I’m moving out I have rent and house bills to pay for, as well as keeping track of my student finance. So I have made this to try and keep up with things.

I may change the layout a few months in but I hope that this helps me keep track of the money coming into my account and then I can also record the money spent on house bills and food and coffee (which will be a lot…) every month. If you are a student then I would highly recommend something like this because you need to save every penny that you can!

Now this is a spread that I have done before but have rarely used. I’m hoping that I can make good use of it this time because I have loads of important dates coming up that I am likely to forget.

It’s very handy to keep track of school deadlines, birthdays and holidays which are most likely not happening this year. If you are new to bullet journaling then I would recommend trying this page out so you can plan ahead for the next few months!

This is something that I have never done before but I felt very inspired by Unjaded Jade’s recent video (which you can watch HERE) to make this. So an impossible list is very much like a bucket list but you sort of break them down into more doable actions, she explains it much better in the video.

I know I’ve already included a goals page but this is kinda more life goals so that I have some stuff to work towards. I wanted to keep mine private, I may share it one day though if anyone would be interested. I broke mine down into sections so there’s: fitness (running a marathon is one there because I’m crazy), skills, career, travel, general life goals (such as buying a house) and miscellaneous (which contains going skydiving because again I’m crazy).

I have been super unmotivated in the last month because this lockdown has definitely affected my mental health so I thought I’d include this to help motivate myself to get up off my butt and do something!


I hope that this inspired to you maybe get your life back on track! No one could have predicted all of this craziness at the start of the year so I reckon there’s a lot of people out there who may have to change their goals for this year because they can’t do them anymore. You’re not alone. But just because you may have had to cancel plans this year, it doesn’t mean this summer has to be rubbish, you can still have a fab time!

Have you had to cancel any travel plans this summer? What are some things you would put on your impossible list?


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