all the books I’ve read during lockdown

In the last 3 (and a bit) months of quarantine I have managed to read a grand total of 23 books! And while writing this I am part way through 2 more books so that’s basically 25.

This isn’t even all the books…..

While I have always had a passion for reading, I know a lot of people have started picking up books during this time which I think is great because it’s a great way to spend your time. I tend to read a lot of fiction so it’s a great way to kind of escape and transport yourself into another world. You can forget about everything that’s going on around you once you get into a really good book!

I have done quite a lot of book related posts this year and I absolutely love reading them because I love getting recommendations about new things to try, I have a habit of reading the same books over and over again… I thought this could maybe give you guys some inspiration if you were wanting to pick up something new!

This is gonna be a long post so grab a beverage and maybe a snack:

I am not ashamed to say that I love this series and have read these books SO many times! The films came out as I was going through secondary school so me and my friends would always watch them which is how I came to love the books. While the story is a little dark and rather violent, I do love it and it’s definitely one of the kind. I must say that I now think I am a little too old for them so they’re on their way to the charity shop.
You may not have heard of this, I know it’s not as well known as some of the others in this post. Fun fact Emily Gillmor Murphy is actually a distant relative of mine who I have never met but my family found out she was an author so I have been reading her work and I really love it. You may be able to tell by the name that she’s Irish, and I love reading books set in other countries, this one is all about horse racing which I also found interesting because I know nothing about it.
Yet another series of books that I grew up with and was obsessed with, I love these books and they took me only like a week to read because I couldn’t put them down! I also love the first 2 films and have seen them so many times but the 3rd film is kinda bad and is nothing like the book and I know that they’re not actually making the last film. It’s kinda sad because I would have loved to have seen how they chose to end it.
Here we have a classic piece of feminist literature which I include in my women empowerment book recommendations. I think this is such a good book because it gives us insight into what life was like for women back when this was written, we can see how far we come but also how far we have to go.
I honestly only bought this because I love the cover… but it turns out that it’s an amazing book! It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea because the style of writing means it’s quite confusing to understand and read at times but it’s a wonderful story. It’s a fiction book set in Greece and is about what life was like during the war which is a sad subject but there’s a bit of humour in there to lighten the mood. Reading this really made me want to go to Greece.
This is another of the books that I included in my women empowerment book recommendations, and I would actually class this as sort of a self-help book. It’s about how to make it in the business world as a women and the author describes her experiences. It’s kinda sad to read about the inequality between genders in the work place but it’s also quite motivating at the same time to get out there and make some change!
This is definitely one of those books that everyone should read because it’s quite a tragic story. I imagine everyone by now has heard of Anne Frank and what her family did during the war but this is her diary from those couple of years and it was so fascinating but also sad to read about her and her family’s experiences during that time. Whilst reading it, I sometimes found it hard to remember that it was a true story.
If there is one book that you need to go and buy after reading this post, it’s gotta be this one! I did a whole book review the other week which you can read HERE but to condense it into a couple of sentences it’s basically about empowering women and how to take control back of your life because males dominate society and impact/influence everything we do even if we don’t realise it. It’s wrong and we need to make some change and this is the handbook for that.
I imagine a lot of people have heard of this because it’s probably one of the most known self-help books out there. It’s very spiritual so it’s definitely not for everyone but I would recommend it because it’s very eye opening. The whole premise is that we need to start living in the moment instead of constantly being hung up on the past because you can change.
This is another that you may not have heard of but this author also wrote Fangirl which I know is quite a popular book that I love! Her writing style makes me want to read her books in one sitting because they’re so gripping. This is sort of a romance book but the storyline is very unique and something I haven’t heard of before, I’d definitely recommend it anyone who likes her other work.
I would say this isn’t one of my favourites that I have read this year but I do think it’s a great story. It’s written in first person and follows a boy who has Asperger’s so it gives you a sense of what it is like to live with it and the things that go on in his head. Not gonna lie, I found the ending really sad because it shows what it is like for the family of the boy and the things they have to go through. I know they made this into a theatre production which would be very interesting to see.
Here we have another by the same author, can you tell I’m a fan? I honestly prefer the others to this one just because they’re a bit more light hearted and this one does briefly touch of subjects like abuse. I think it’s a wonderful love story though between two teenagers, and I love the characters in this I think she creates such unique characters.
Despite this story being quite sinister at times, I really love it! It is an amazing piece of literature that is quite hard to read because of the language, but it’s very beautiful. If you like to read classics then you have to read this because it’s quite an amazing story which is quite dark at times but it’s just written so well. I know they’ve made a film of it but I love the book so much I don’t wanna ruin it by watching the film.
This is not something I would normally choose to read as I’m not that big into history, but I am glad I did. It took me weeks to read because it’s over 600 pages long! It follows the story of the author, her mother and her grandmother growing up in China. It tells their story and the history of the country up until about 1980. It was really fascinating to read because they have such a rich history and it was very sad and hard to read at times because it’s such a different culture and it’s hard to imagine the things they went through happening to my family for example. If you like your history then you have to read this!
I doubt many people have heard of this but it is such a great book and I also love how you open it different to other books. It’s a fantasy book set in another world so there’s lots of made up characters and names so it’s probably more for younger readers. I have had this book for over 10 years and I weirdly can’t part with it despite having read it SO many times…

I also read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which if I am honest, is not the best thing ever. The book is actually the script from the theatre production so it’s not quite as detailed so lots of things are missed out because obviously you would usually see it in front of you. I am obsessed with Harry Potter but this just falls a little flat for me, I may be the only one who isn’t a massive fan. Maybe I should go see it and then it may change my mind.

If you made it to the end of this post then I definitely applaud you because there was a lot! I hope that you guys got some good recommendations if you are wanting to find some new books, and if you have any good book recommendations then please let me know, I’m always looking for new books to read!

On an unrelated note, I think I’m gonna take a small break from uploading. I just need a couple of weeks to plan out some good content for the future, it’s hard to find things to post about when I all I do it sit around in my pyjamas… I am also moving and starting university in a couple of months so was thinking of doing some university content. Let me know what you think!


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