the secondhand summer dress

We’ve finally reached that point in the year where, here in the UK, it’s consistently above 20 degrees and we have to make the most of it before it goes away!

This means I have been spending nearly everyday on the beach (socially distanced of course) either sitting reading a book or with my friends and eating pizza. These shenanigans call for some CUTE summer dresses.

Despite growing up being a little bit of a tomboy, I now love dresses. When it’s hot you don’t want something that tight fitting, instead you want something flowy and right now I am wearing anything and everything that will cover up my quarantine weight gain… and dresses are the solution!

I only bought this dress back in february but it has featured on here so many times in my layering for the spring outfit post and my recreating Friends outfits post . It’s the perfect dress that can be worn all year round, and it’s originally from Primark.

Charity shops are so great for summer dresses, because they have everything. They have so many different styles so there’s something for everyone! I’m not one to stick to trends and every time I used to look in fast fashion stores, they all had exactly the same dresses and I just don’t like wearing the same as everyone else. Where as in charity shops they’ve got stuff from so many different stores and from different years as well.

This style of slip dress was everywhere a few years ago, so someone had clearly already got bored of it and donated it to my local Oxfam shop where it was picked up by me. I love styling this dress with a belt because otherwise it can look a little bit like I am wearing a tent…

For shoes I have gone for some converse style ones from New Look and because I am just weird, I like to wear one of each colour. I do often get looks and comments about them, but I like to be different which is why I do it.

For accessories I am wearing a lot of space themed items, most of which are from eBay. My choker has a cute little astronaut on it, my earrings have planets and stars and then my necklace has a sodalite crystal on it. I am currently obsessed with wearing loads of jewellery, I sometimes wear like 3 or 4 necklaces at a time, I think it just really completes an outfit!

I lastly wanted to show off this bag because I actually love it! You may be able to tell that the flower is handmade, because it’s slightly wonky and if you look up close you will see how bad the sewing is… but it was basically a really boring black tote bag that I got free from a university when I was going to open days, so it had a massive logo on it. I really wanted to cover it up and make it look a lot cuter and a lot more me.

It definitely stands out which is why I love it! I like having just one flower on it because it makes more of a statement compared to if I covered it in flowers. Overall I have gone for a very floral outfit which makes me feel all summery!


What is your favourite print for the summer? Have you found any bargain secondhand clothing?


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