recreating outfits from Mamma Mia!

Anyone who says Mamma Mia is not one of the best films ever made is clearly lying to themselves! The second one may not be as good but it definitely gains point for having Cher in it.

I thought it would be a laugh to recreate some of the outfits because there’s nothing better than dressing as if you’re on a greek island when in reality you’re stuck at home…

At the start of lockdown I recreated some of the outfits from Friends which got a very good response so it’s definitely something I’m gonna keep doing! These outfits aren’t quite as accurate as the ones in Friends but I had to make do with what I already had, also ignore the fact my room is a mess in the background, I’m in the process of moving.

So I have split these into the characters and have tried to find reference pictures as well and my shoes are the same the whole way through, they’re my trusty Converse high tops!


These DIY 'Mamma Mia' Costumes Will Transport You Straight To ...

I have started with an absolute classic! Anytime I wear dungarees I instantly feel like I am part of the movie and have to burst out into song at any moment. Throughout both movies there’s many dungaree outfits to choose from, so this is my recreation.

I don’t have white shirt so I went for this tacky 80s mens one underneath my basic denim dungarees which are in fact covered in paint… so while I don’t look as polished as they do in the movie, I still feel I could be part of the cast. Both of these items are secondhand and a while ago I even wrote a whole post about why you should buy some dungarees if you wanna read that HERE.

Lily James' orange skirt in Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again ...

There are many yellow skirts featured throughout the second movie, all of which I love! This one is great because it’s simple but also effective and is perfect for running round a greek island singing ABBA songs.

My yellow skirt here which is sort of similar was actually a DIY project that I did during lockdown that you can read about HERE. It was a gorgeous yellow dress that unfortunately didn’t fit me so I did a bit of sewing to turn it into this very boho skirt. The top is actually just from a local record shop and was the closest top I had to the one she’s wearing. I love wearing cropped tops with this skirt because it makes the outfit very casual and boho.

top: yellow prints | Tumblr

I really wish I had these yellow trousers which she wears in Mamma Mia 2 because I love them so much!!! These ones I have are not very accurate but are the closest things I have… I couldn’t decided what top to pair it with as I think they both work with the theme. I wish I had a cute blue bralet like she wears in the movie because I think that would look so cute with these trousers.

So these trousers are secondhand and so is this blue vest top. The anchor top was from Soulcal many many years ago but I cut off the sleeves, I think it looks better like this. I also think this top would look adorable with the yellow skirt!

So this would be the outfit I would wear to go and audition to be a part of Donna and the Dynamos which is my life long goal! I love all their outfits so much and they make me want to instantly go and buy a pair of flares and some 80s platform boots. PVC has never looked so good! I think they would be great to go as for halloween if anyone is stuck for ideas.

In the second film when she sings When I Kissed The Teacher she actually wears a stripy jumpsuit but in more of a 70s colour palette so this one is somewhat accurate…

sophie | Mamma mia, Amanda seyfried, Mama mia

Again this one is loosely based on the original outfit worn by Sophie but would work perfectly if I had any cute boho white tops which I immediately need to go out and buy.

While I think she’s in denim shorts I have gone for these blue patterned ones which were actually a pair of pyjama bottoms that I cut the legs off and now wear them out and about. Who says you can’t wear pyjamas outside? I then just put the blue vest top on as the colours work very well together.

Mamma Mia soundtracks top UK album chart - Entertainment News Magazine

So if someone magically changed the colour of my skirt to white and the colour of my top then it would definitely match Sophie’s outfit! Can anyone tell that I love this skirt?

I can’t tell if she’s wearing a swimsuit or a top in this scene of the film but whatever it is, I really want it. I love the colours!

This top is secondhand, like nearly everything else in this post.

I chose this dress because I do love it and also there seems to be many blue dresses featured throughout the first film which you can see in the picture above as Donna is wearing one and Sophie also wears one at her bachelorette party. Blue is just a very fitting colour for the greek island!

Once again this dress is secondhand and is actually a top but I pretend it’s a dress, and my belt is Lucy and Yak.


If anyone has any suggestions for other films or TV shows that I should recreate the outfits from them please let me know because it’s a lot of fun!

Do you prefer the first Mamma Mia film or the second one? Which of these outfits is your favourite?


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