a fresh start + 1000 followers?!!?

So somehow I have managed to hit the milestone of hitting 1000 followers?! I have no idea how, it amazes that people actually want to read about all the random things that I waffle on about…

I genuinely don’t consider myself the best blogger as I haven’t even uploaded in a month… I seem to consistently post for a couple of months and then I just fall off the radar for a while until I can find something good to write about. This is the first time I have opened WordPress in about a month, life has been crazy.

But I really wanted to say the biggest THANK YOU for following me! Whether you’ve been here since the start or just recently, it really means the world to me! 1000 for some people is probably nothing but for me this is amazing, I honestly never thought that little old me would ever reach that. For some clarification I use Bloglovin and I reached 250 on there and 750 here on WordPress, if that all makes sense. So some may say that doesn’t count but I am saying it does!

If you wanna follow me on Bloglovin then the link is HERE

2020 has definitely been a whirlwind of a year for everybody. It’s been tough. But little positive things like this make me realise that it’s not all bad and there is some light within the darkness!

So where have I been the last month? I have sort of closed one chapter and have started another, in the book of my life.

I am starting September off in a whole new house, in a new town with different people and it’s been both terrifying and exciting. I have moved to Brighton to start university at the end of this month and as cheesy as this may sound, this is a whole new chapter of my life. My gap year is over, I have moved out and no longer live with my parents and now live with friends, I’m truly an independent woman now. I’ve only been here a couple of weeks but I love it, and truly feel at home in this city!

I’m sort of treating this move as a fresh start. While I have achieved quite a bit this year, I have also procrastinated my life away during lockdown (who didn’t, am I right?) and it’s time to start doing something with my life. I do truly love blogging, and I really want to keep creating meaningful content about fashion and sustainability and travel (when I am able to) and I feel determined to do that. It’s also gonna be easier now that I live in Brighton as it’s quite an environmentally friendly city and I’m constantly surrounded by art. If people would be interested, I would love to do some tourist style posts about Brighton!

Just because the start of 2020 has been kinda crap, it doesn’t mean we have to write off the rest of the year. For example, when you fall you don’t just keep lying on the floor, you have to get up eventually (I’m so sorry, that was unbelievably cliche but it’s the only way I can think of to illustrate my point) This whole situation that we are in is not gonna go away anytime soon, we just have to live it with and keep on living our lives the best we can and as safely as we can.

I know it’s been hard for a lot of people and you probably just want to give up, but the good times are ahead. Life may never go back to what it was like last year but we just have to adapt and evolve.

I always use new months as a chance for a fresh start, to reset my routines and organise my life a bit. So why don’t you do the same if you are feeling in a bit of rut?

I apologise for how cheesy this whole post has been but sometimes all you need in life is those cheesy motivational quotes or maybe a motivational cat poster, to get you back on track.

I would really really really appreciate some feedback from you all! I’d love to know if you have suggestions for future posts, or even previous posts that you have liked. Or even just say hi and introduce yourself if you are new around here!

Thank you!!!


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