a couple of ways to style a men’s oversized shirt

An oversized men’s shirt should be a staple in everybody’s wardrobe!

I went through a huge phase of wearing them a few years back. I wore them with everything. Particularly with a pair of skinny jeans and a crop top which is definitely not my style anymore… While my collection has decreased, I still consider them to be an essential because they are so versatile.

I have worn this particular one SO many times, if you have read many of my previous posts then you have probably seen this one before. It used to be my Dad’s but he hadn’t worn it in ages so I decided to claim it as my own and I painted some white detailing on the pockets if you can see.

It is currently looking very worse for wear and I have had to sew up some holes which just shows how much I wear it. I feel like people have a tendency to just throw away things when they have holes in but in fact it’s so easy just to sew them up so that you can keep on wearing it! I will continue to wear this shirt until it completely falls apart.

Sometimes when it’s a bit colder I like to just wear shirts on their own and if I am in high waisted trousers, which I usually am, then I will tie it up at the front or tuck it in. That way I think it accentuates the waist a bit more, otherwise I personally feel like I look like a box…

On this particular day it wasn’t that cold but I chose to tie it up anyway because it was rather windy, and I just has on a basic vest top on underneath. I love this whole colour combination, it’s very bright and in your face which pretty much sums up my fashion style.

These gorgeous trousers are from Lucy and Yak and I have mentioned that brand so many times just because I love them so much. I have also featured these in one of my lockdown outfit posts which you can read HERE.

With a more baggier outfit I tend to just wear a men’s shirt undone with the cuffs rolled up, for a very casual look. On a day like this, when it was really hot, I didn’t want anything tight fitting because that would just make me sweat even more but I needed something to cover up in because I burn so easily. So the oversized shirt is perfect for that if you have one that’s not too thick.

I have paired it with this basic slip dress that I actually made! I wrote a whole post about it and also how I style it which you can read HERE. I love the colour combination of the purple and the green as they are both sort of pastel shades, perfect for the summer.

The hat doesn’t quite go as well but I had to wear it for fear of burning and turning as red as the hat itself. I got it off Depop, and I absolutely love the style and colour of it just not really with this outfit.

The shoes in both of these as well are just my classic Levis boots which I have also worn so much on this blog, they’re perfect boots for walking around in. They’re not summery but they’re very functional.

That’s not to say you can’t wear shirts in the winter. I used to wear this particular shirt all time done up completely with a pair of leggings and a pair of Dr Martens. It’s that awkward length where it’s not really long enough to wear as a dress but it works really well with a pair of leggings. It makes a very simple but warm winter outfit because you can pile on the layers underneath!

Oversized clothing in general is something that will never go out of style in my opinion. People seem to have moved on from the men’s shirts and now seem to wear oversized t shirts and jumpers which I also love. They’re perfect because they can look super flattering with a pair of skinny-ish trousers or cycling shorts or even on their own as a dress if you dare to be brave! They can hide a lot, especially if you’re feeling bloated and want something comfy that’s not pressing into your stomach. (I’m not saying if you’re bloated you should hide it, but some people may prefer too). The options are endless!

If you are looking for the perfect shirt then charity shops are honestly the best places because the men’s section is usually filled with quite an array of colourful and wacky shirts if that’s your vibe but they also usually have some more muted ones as well. You can get a good one for around ยฃ5, depending which one you go to.


I’d love to know how you style oversized men’s shirts if you have any? Or if you don’t, is it something you would want to try?


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