still dressing for summer in September

While it may be halfway through September, I am still clinging onto summer as much as I can!

I may hate it when it’s super hot just because I sunburn unbelievably easily, but nothing makes me happier than when the sun is shining. It puts everyone in a good mood and I still get to wear my cute summer clothing, what more could you want?

So before the sun inevitably goes away for the winter and rain starts pouring for months, I have been trying to make the most of the sun and summer clothes.

We seem to be in one of those odd September heatwaves (thanks global warming) so I still feel like I’m on my summer holidays even though university is looming around the corner… on this day we decided to visit Lewes in East Sussex which is such a cute little town filled with loads of independent shops and obviously some great charity shops. These photos were taken at the castle!

I think this could be one of the most colourful outfits that I have worn which is really saying something, but when the sun is shining one must wear as many colours as possible. I don’t think I have featured this skirt on my blog since my Porto outfit post which you can read HERE, but if you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug right there)then you would have seen this skirt all the time because I literally have worn it ALL summer…

It’s honestly the perfect skirt. It’s colourful, the style is flattering and it even has pockets, what more do you need?! I picked it up at my local Cancer Research charity shop, one of my favourite finds.

Now the weather is starting to go downhill, it’s time to put this skirt away in the back of my wardrobe until next spring.

On the other hand I could totally wear this top all year round. It’s another of my new charity shop buys which I will be writing about soon, I believe it was Β£2.99 from my local Oxfam shop. It’s originally Miss Selfridge so it’s very good quality and the style is very flattering in my opinion. It’s that sort of top that I could easily wear throughout the Autumn with a jacket or a shirt on a slightly warmer day.

The last part of this rainbow outfit is obviously the shoes which I wear literally all the time, they are definitely the best thing I bought over lockdown. I replaced the laces with these bright yellow ones from Dr Martens because the white ones were just too boring! It’s an easy way to add a pop of colour into your outfit, again they are featured very heavily on my Instagram…

You can’t really see my accessories but I’ve got on some heart shaped hoop earrings which were a hand me down from a friend and a beaded necklace she also very kindly made. It says “fabulous” because that’s my favourite word, I like to channel my inner Sharpay from High School Musical. Then I have a charm necklace which has a variety of things from everywhere on it.

If you are on the look out for some cute accessories then charity and vintage shops are great for them because you can get some really unique weird pieces. Or you could do a swap with some friends, I would suggest sterilising things like earrings first though! On my journey to becoming a minimalist (I wrote a post last week all about it which you can read HERE) I have been trying to declutter things so I have been attempting to get rid of jewellery and clothing that I just don’t wear. This skirt on the other hand is staying in my wardrobe FOREVER!


Are you still clinging onto summer like me or have you fully embraced the jackets and thick tights?


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