always read the labels before buying! (storytime)

When you buy any clothing, you always read the labels they put in the back of the item right?

So I have a little storytime about this gorgeous dress because I didn’t read the label properly and ended up paying more than I should have for this in my opinion…

When charity shopping I always make sure to read the labels so I can find what brand it is and also what it is made of. I try not to buy from certain brands even when they’re stuff ends up in a charity shop because they use extremely poor quality materials and aren’t usually made that well so I know they won’t last long before falling apart. I’m talking about those fast fashion brands that sell they’re stuff super cheap!

Basically they use mostly polyester fabric, which is basically plastic, because it’s so cheap to produce which is why they can sell it so cheap. But it’s not great quality and it’s also that horrible fabric that kinda makes you sweat a lot…

Anyway back to the story… so I was browsing my local Oxfam shop, which I do way too much, and saw this GORGEOUS mint green flowy dress and fell in love! It is an extra large but it didn’t look too big and also I knew that my trusty sewing machine could make it fit.

In the back of the dress it just had a small label that said XL and this Oxfam label with the price and a label that said “vintage”. Now, at first glance it definitely looks vintage because of the style of the dress, it’s got these super cute mini puff sleeves and a gathered skirt. Also the colour and print made me actually believe that it could have genuinely been vintage. Another point, living in Brighton means that all sorts of vintage clothing pops up in charity shops so it wasn’t a massive surprise to see it.

So of course I had to buy it because it’s honestly gorgeous! I don’t usually pay £8 for a secondhand dress, I usually try to find things around £5-6. You may call me picky but I just try to shop on a budget as much as I can, but because this was supposedly vintage I was willing to pay a little bit extra. £2 may not sound like a lot but I am an unemployed student so I need every penny I can get :’)

At this point I still genuinely believed it was vintage… until….

I decided to crack out the sewing machine and sew in the sides a little just so it fitted me a bit better, when I found the shop label in the bottom of the dress. Some may call me stupid for not hunting further to find the label and I totally agree. I am stupid. I completely forgot that companies sometimes put labels in the bottom of dresses.

As you can see it’s definitely not vintage. It is in fact from Shein which is a fast fashion company… And it’s mostly made from polyester which you can actually tell when you feel the fabric. I did some hunting on their website and while they don’t sell this exact style anymore, their dresses tend to sell from anywhere between £10 and £20.

In my opinion this should have been less than what I paid for. So while I was silly for not finding the label, I also am surprised that Oxfam didn’t see that label because if they had done some research then they would have seen that it is most definitely not vintage.

If I had known it was from Shein before buying it, would I have still bought it? Probably, I absolutely the style, colour and everything else about it!

This is not me having a go at Oxfam by the way, it’s just as a clothing shop they should have charged what they were charging for their other dresses which was about £5-6. I know the money that I paid for it really helps them out so I am happy to and if I had seen the label then I wouldn’t have asked for a drop in price because that’s quite rude in my opinion. I also an aware of the privilege I have of being to shop secondhand!

I know that I am going to wear this SO much next summer, and I was so glad that I got to wear it at least once this year before the rain and cold inevitably comes. The other day I went to Kew Gardens to see my family before uni starts and also before lockdown happens again and I can’t see them. It’s so gorgeous there, I would highly recommend a visit if you ever plan a visit to London. It’s slightly further out from the city centre but it’s worth it I promise!

I have styled it with some trusty bright Converse which will have to packed into the back of my wardrobe soon (I hate rain) and a very high ponytail which honestly makes me feel like Ariana Grande.

So the moral of this story is that I should really be thorough when shopping in charity shops to make sure I am getting what I am paying for!


Have you ever bought anything before that has been mislabeled?

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