huge Brighton thrift haul!

As Secondhand September draws to a close, I wanted to share some of the amazing things I have picked up this month!

So, a little backstory… before September I hadn’t been in a charity shop since March which for me has to be some kind of record. My birthday was a few days before lockdown so I didn’t really do anything in the way of celebrating or going out and spending the money I very kindly received from family, so I decided to keep it and save it for when I moved with the thought of doing a massive charity shop run to revamp my wardrobe. So that is what I have done, over the last month I have done multiple trips out and have picked up some great things!

Just as a disclaimer I am totally aware of the privilege of being able to buy pretty much all my stuff secondhand and to live so near to shops, and to also have the money to go out and buy all this stuff. This is in no way me bragging about anything I have bought which is why I have kept most of the prices off.

If you are looking for places to go thrifting then Brighton has some GREAT shops, there’s a road (London Road) that has like 8 in a row, it’s honestly my heaven!

Firstly from Martlets I got these adorbale Miss Selfridge shorts. I wish I had found these at the start of the summer because they’re literally the perfect pair of shorts, they’re high waisted, baggy and just super comfortable!

We all know how much I love colour, so I was instantly drawn to this top on the rails. It’s from M&S so the material is super soft, and it’s one of those basic tops that I know will just go with so many things… just not these tartan trousers…

This doesn’t look like the most flattering top but I have since cut and cropped it so it looks a lot better. It’s a mens shirt from ASOS and I was immediately drawn to the colour and I love this slightly high neck that it had going on. Again it’s another basic top that will go with everything!

Next up is Age UK where I got this H&M mini dress. I don’t usually go for black clothing but I love the star print and also the style of this. It’s fitted on the bodice and then the skirt like balloons out which is super flattering in my opinion. It would be the perfect going out dress, if we were currently able to go out…

These boots were such a steal! They’re from New Look and they look hardly worn in perfect condition and they were only ยฃ6.99. They’re a size smaller than what I sometimes get and I wasn’t allowed to try them on but thankfully they fit like a dream. I have been after a pair like this forever, so I’m very happy.

Then in PDSA I picked up these New Look tartan trousers which do sort of look like pyjama bottoms… They’re a size up so I have since had to sew in the waist but I love the baggy legs because they’re super comfy. Perfect for all my zoom university lectures!

Firstly this is the most gorgeous dress ever! Secondly I have a funny story to go alongside this that I want to share…

So I was obviously drawn to the colour of this (I love yellow if you didn’t know) but was reluctant to get it because it’s an XL and it was selling for ยฃ10 as it’s had the original tags on it. Now I don’t usually spend that much on something but I really loved it. I then saw someone else pick it up and join the queue to pay for it, and this made me regret not picking it up. In the end they changed their mind and put it back so I swooped in and grabbed it! I have since shortened it a little, but I love the style, it looks great with a belt and it’s made from a soft corduroy fabric so it’s super comfy.

Then from the British Red Cross I grabbed this gorgeous bag! I didn’t need anymore bags but I love how unique and bold this one is. It’s actually perfect just for day to day use because it’s hold all the essentials and it was only ยฃ3.50, a bargain!

Lastly is Oxfam which I would have to say is one of my favourite charity shops out there, they always have great stuff. I got this basic summer top from Miss Selfridge which I featured in THIS post a couple of weeks ago.

These may not be the most colourful trousers but they are my fancy business women trousers. I love the high waisted straight leg style and I can’t wait to pair this with a fancy blazer and some Dr Martens. They also fit like a dream so I really lucked out on this one!

I have to say that this dress is the best purchase from all of this stuff and that’s saying something because I love it all! I did a whole post about it which you can read HERE if you wanna find out the interesting story behind it.

Lastly on the clothing front is these jeans from H&M which are honestly just as weird as they look. So these are just odd because they sit very awkwardly on my ankle, and they’re just so flared. They’re supposed to be culottes but I was expecting them to be shorter. Anyway I didn’t want to return them so I instead sewed up the sides so they are now a lovely straight leg style, I’m sure I’ll feature them in an upcoming post!


I also ended picking up loads of books because I just can’t help myself! I mentioned in a previous post about moving that I got rid of SO many books with the intention of buying loads once I moved which is exactly what I did… This isn’t even all of them because I got some new ones in Waterstones as well. What can I say, I’m just a massive bookworm…

So I finally think that’s everything, aside from a vase but that’s not that exciting. I also feel the need to say that for everything I have bought I have tried to get donate another piece of clothing because otherwise I would have had to get a bigger room to fit all the clothes… I did a whole post about minimalising HERE if you wanna follow my journey of attempting to become a minimalist.

I hope that anyone who has participated in Secondhand September has learnt how amazing they are and how you can find some amazing pieces! Hopefully it has encouraged you to continue thrifting for the rest of the year.


Have you participated in Secondhand September this year? Have you picked up any great secondhand puchases recently?


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