Here’s to 2021!

I think it’s fair to say that 2020 was not what anyone expected it to be… I wish to go back a year and warn my past self of what the year would behold because then it would have been a very different year.

Gonna be honest, I actually had a pretty good year all things considered. Yes I haven’t seen some of my family in a year. Nor have I hugged a lot of my family members and have only seen them from afar. I also have only been into university about 5 times since I started in September. I had to cancel my huge trip to America which I had booked for the summer… but that’s okay. I have accepted that life right now means spending a lot of time on my own inside and I am perfectly okay with that.

I can communicate with my family on social media, and we meet up socially distanced when we can. I have tried to make more effort and talk and meet my classmates online, and it means I can rebook all my trips for the future which gives me something amazing and fun to look forward too! I have tried to look on the bright side of everything this year.

This year has been one of personal growth for me, and I think that mostly comes from spending the whole of the first lockdown on my own and now having moved out of home I do spend a lot of time by myself. I have learnt to love this time by myself and I have mentally grown a lot. It’s very hard to describe but I am very grateful to have had this experience. I do live in a house with my amazing friends as we do a lot together but it’s also nice to make and spend time by myself.

I am starting 2021 with a fresh head and a much better outlook on life. I am genuinely super excited for what this year holds for me even though it’s very hard to plan anything with the rules changing every week! (we love living in England right now…)

I’m not trying to gloss over the fact that this has globally been a terrible year and so many people have struggled and lost loved ones. I lost a family member as well right at the start of all this, my heart goes out to everyone.

People have different ways of coping with things and I have quite an optimistic outlook on things which annoys a lot of people but it helps me get through things by finding the little things that make me happy and remembering everything that I am grateful for. I have so much to be grateful for this year! It’s this mindset that I am channelling this year and I want to try and make this the best year of my life so far!

So if you’re struggling then I would suggest writing down all the things that you are grateful for and try doing at least one thing everyday that makes you happy.

My goal for last year was to be more consistent because I have an awful habit of giving up on things very quickly and I sort of succeeded with some things but definitely not with blogging seeing as I haven’t posted anything since October… I started university and things got kind of crazy and I had to prioritise starting off my degree on a strong point which meant this fell behind. Which I am perfectly okay with because this is a fun hobby but I was putting too much pressure on myself to upload and I honestly stopped enjoying it.

I love fashion but it’s kinda boring to just keep talking about outfits I’m wearing, so I’m thinking of switching things up. I love to change things up and I clearly suck at being consistent about things, I’m very chaotic so it makes sense that my blog reflects that!

I love reading SO MUCH, and I spend way too much time watching book reviews on YouTube so I ma thinking of doing that with this space. There may be some other posts about other things, I have no idea, lets just see where the year takes me!

Do I have any idea when my next post will be? No. It could be tomorrow it could be in a month. I just want to keep this blog as a hobby and not pressure myself to consistently upload. I don’t care about stats or followers or anything, this is just a place for me put some of the chaos in my head onto paper. The fact that so many are still reading this blog even though I haven’t been uploading has honestly amazed me and I am very grateful for everyone who has done so!

So I wish everyone the for the year ahead!!!


What are your new years resolutions?

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