No Teddies Were Harmed In The Making of This Jacket

(I hope they weren't) Now I am not one to jump on the fashion trend bandwagon because I like to be individual which is how I would perfectly describe my style. However I have been seeing these teddybear coats everywhere and I just fell in love with them because they look so warm and snuggly.  … Continue reading No Teddies Were Harmed In The Making of This Jacket

Sustainable Fashion is the Future

Sustainability is a topic that is been talked about so much over recent years as people are making more of a conscious effort to save the planet. You may have seen that the September issue of Elle is dedicated to sustainability and I had seen other people talk about the issue and I wanted to … Continue reading Sustainable Fashion is the Future

September Moodboard!

And just like that the summer is over and the start of college for me is just around the corner.... After being on my summer holiday for about 3 months, I am actually kinda glad to be going back to college next month. Literally all I have done this last month is work. I have … Continue reading September Moodboard!