Let’s Talk About Menstruation!

Aaaaayyy today I wanted to talk about something that for some reason has become a taboo subject in today's society. Periods. I have never questioned why it something that you shouldn't really talk about much because it's what I grew up with. Other people didn't talk about it so I just decided not to as … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Menstruation!

What Would The Spice Girls Do? | Book Review

While I may not be the Spice Girls generation (big up the 2000s babies) I am a huge fan. There's no denying that when Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life come on anywhere, I will be embarrassingly singing and dancing and I guarantee that I'm not the only one. When I saw this book I … Continue reading What Would The Spice Girls Do? | Book Review

The Leather Debate

The leather debate is definitely a controversial one and there is definitely a lot to say. I also want to point out that even though I am not a vegetarian (I am well aware that I look like one) or a vegan, it doesn't mean that I agree with animal products being used in fashion. … Continue reading The Leather Debate

The Difference Between Slow and Fast Fashion

We all have and buy clothing, but the real question is, how much do we really know about our clothing? There is so much more to fashion than what you see in the shops and unless you dive deep in Google searches or read endless magazines the information isn't that readily available as to what … Continue reading The Difference Between Slow and Fast Fashion