What Would The Spice Girls Do? | Book Review

While I may not be the Spice Girls generation (big up the 2000s babies) I am a huge fan. There's no denying that when Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life come on anywhere, I will be embarrassingly singing and dancing and I guarantee that I'm not the only one. When I saw this book I … Continue reading What Would The Spice Girls Do? | Book Review

You Are A Badass – Book Club #3

If you are into self-help and reading then I am pretty sure that you will have heard of this book! I chose to buy this after watching Reese Regan and Kalyn Nicholson rave about this book so much and they are my most watched channels at the moment and it was truly worth every penny! … Continue reading You Are A Badass – Book Club #3

The Zodiac Oracle – Book Club #2

I've been interested in astrology recently and after reading this book it's fair to say that I am now hooked and I think it's such an interesting topic. I totally get that it is not something that everyone believes in and I totally respect that because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. … Continue reading The Zodiac Oracle – Book Club #2

#GIRLBOSS – Book Club #1

I am so late to the party on reading this book, but better late than never I guess. This was a bit of an impulse buy, I was browsing Amazon when I was in fact supposed to be working in one of my lessons... but that's not important... and I saw this and I thought … Continue reading #GIRLBOSS – Book Club #1