Here Comes The Sun, doo doo doo doo

This title is very fitting seeing as this heatwave is apparantly never gonna end here in the UK and my Irish skin can't cope with these temperatures. Anyway, today we are not ranting about the weather. Instead I am ranting about the colour of the season and my all time favourite colour. YELLOW. If you … Continue reading Here Comes The Sun, doo doo doo doo

How A Belt Can Save An Outfit

I may only own one belt but I have started wearing it with every single outfit because I think it can make it go from a 9 to a 10! I'm trying to be more positive about my appearance and with this comes experimentation with things that I wear and I feel a lot happier … Continue reading How A Belt Can Save An Outfit

You Don’t Have To Wear Designer Clothing

I didn't grow up surrounded by a lot of money and because I lived in the middle of the countryside it meant that all my clothes were from the charity shops. I'm not saying this is bad thing because you can get some really nice clothes in them! I've loved fashion for a very very … Continue reading You Don’t Have To Wear Designer Clothing

Okay, Let’s Talk About ‘Bikini Bodies’…

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A 'BIKINI BODY'. ANYONE CAN WEAR ONE. YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOOK A CERTAIN WAY. I really wish this was something I believed in a few years ago because it would have prevented a lot of unnecessary mental suffering for me. And yes, I'm not wearing a bikini in … Continue reading Okay, Let’s Talk About ‘Bikini Bodies’…

Paris Style Diaries

So I recently came back from a trip to Paris and I can safely say that it is a very stylish city and I did my best to try and fit in. It was such an amazing trip and even though I was only there for 3 days, I truly fell in love with the … Continue reading Paris Style Diaries

The Clashing of Prints

You may think that there is hardly any print on this outfit but for someone who only wears block colours, this is crazay! I've only just realised that I'm not a huge print person. If you look at my wardrobe it just consists of block coloured items of clothing and a lot of them are … Continue reading The Clashing of Prints